Beehive Anti-theft tracking device


It is the answer to the problem of thefts. It is easy to plant it inside the beehive. In case the beehive is wiggled or moved from position, it informs us about its coordinates via an SMS sent to our cellphone; this way we can monitor it from our computer, our Smartphone or our Tablet.

The save-bees beehive anti-theft tracking device has been tested successfully till this day by the apiary community in Greece and abroad. It is worldwide renowned for its contribution in finding stolen beehives and for a number of thieves’ arrests – most of them caught on the act.

The save-bees beehive anti-theft tracking device consists of a GPS tracker, a battery, a SIM card and a motion detector. We can plant it wherever we prefer inside the beehive (at the lid, the bottom, the body, even inside a honeycomb) and we then turn it off. The device will stay off, without draining its battery or disturbing the bees via cell phone radiation. With the slightest wiggling of the beehive, the device turns on and informs us with an SMS sent to our cell phone. Even if the thief opens the beehive to search for the device, we will have been already alerted.

We can request for its new position whenever we like, asking for latitude and longitude coordinates. This way we can track its course while on the thief’s vehicle or we can find its new location.

A device that stays off remains charged for 4 to 6 months! This means that we don’t have to commute to the apiary just to replace the battery. During that period, we will have visited the apiary at least once for inspection or for harvesting. This is the essential difference between the save-bees beehive anti-theft tracking device and the common GPS trackers of the market, which remain on, drain the battery within a few days and pose a continuous disturbance for bees due to cell phone radiation.

As we all know, thieves have high standards: they always steal the best and strongest beehives. So we plant a save-bees beehive anti-theft tracking device in some of our best hives. This way we will be certain that the thief will take at least one of them.

The device is delivered with two batteries. This way it is easy to replace the battery without leaving the beehive unprotected.

We should stress that the mobile phone radiation does not disturb the bees as long as the device remains off. This is extremely important, as bees have suffered from head enlargement and disorientation in beehives where an active mobile device was installed.

Anti-thieft tracking device presentation