About Save Bees

Save-bees is a company that offers apiary data transfer services, as well as protection from theft.

We formed the company driven by ecological and environmental motives. We thoroughly examined the nature and the survival of the bee in relation to planet Earth, its future and the recurrence of the human being, mainly, but not limited to, on a nutritional basis, as the bee, except from providing us with valuable ingredients, happens to be the major pollinator in our ecosystem, directly connected with the continuation of biodiversity. We were met with the need to contribute towards every possible improvement that could secure a balanced evolution of this course, through acquiring information and collecting data.

We are sensitive about the strong disturbance that bees suffer though electromagnetic fields, so we designed our products based on sleep mode.
We succeeded in something far more great: dead mode.
Our products inside the hives are in full dead mode.
The devices turn on only to send a danger or data SMS and then turn back off.
So, the electromagnetic radiation is almost completely zero on the one hand, and the devices save on energy, that lasts for a great deal of time, on the other hand. At the same time, this way they are invisible to every possible detection device.

Save-bees is embracing with its products the apicultural society in Greece, which happens to be the country with the highest number of beehives per square metre; it comes second in honey production in Europe, with 20.000 professional beekeepers and 2.500.000 beehives. It also embraces the international beekeeping world, giving solutions to year old apiculture issues and questions. In the meantime, it pushes towards making new steps in apiculture, providing electronic information through databases, for research purposes.

Achieved goals and major save-bees concepts – contribution towards the bee and the beekeeper:

gps, Beehive Anti-theft tracking device
First and foremost, we secure the apiary against theft through the GPS antitheft device, the radio transmitters and the beehive electronic identity.

Second, we boost honey and bee products generation per beehive.
Thirdly, the basic goal is saving the bees, a creature under daily threat from a multitude of illnesses and poisons; this is achieved by collecting daily information that help to improve the living conditions and the overall health of honeybees.

Through the use of the save-bees Beehive data transfer device, a number of services are completed. It is a multiple use tool for the beekeeper or the researcher, collecting and sending various information and data via SMS. These SMSs are of major importance, as several times they suggest to beekeepers when and how to intervene with the proper operation; this way they succeed in accomplishing maximum apiary production, as they are informed when to move the beehives, when to harvest, to cure or to feed.

Beehive data transfer device

In conclusion, we should also mention that a major expense, fuel consumption, is reduced.
The beekeeper, who now is guided by the data transfer device, saves on money and time, as he doesn’t have to visit the apiary that often.
At the same time, the beekeeper is alleviated, if not relieved, by all the major concerns that he faces around the year: during several developing phases of bees, harvest, beehive transfer, etc.
All the above contribute to better designing the apiary business and its practices, as well as the bees’ life quality.

Each beekeeper would like to learn about the beehives’ state from the comfort of his house; this is now offered through the save-bees Beehive Data transfer device.

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