The save-bees products are:

The data transfer device, (scale) that sends information about weight, humidity, internal and external hive temperature via SMS.
It features inputs for much more data collection that will be determined according to the needs of the beekeeper or the scientific research: micro camera for recording incoming and out coming bees, anemometer, rain gauge, microphones for collecting bee sounds, etc.
save-bees products, data transfer device
save-bees products, GPS tracking device
The GPS tracking device for hive trapping; the scale has also the ability to carry a GPS tracker.

Radio transmitters, in combination with the GPS tracker, supplement the anti-theft protection; by tracking movement, they send an SOS signal, along with other useful information about the hive, like humidity and temperature.

Last, the beehive electronic identity, is a micro device, almost invisible to the naked eye; it carries the beekeeper’s registration number that can be read with a scanner.