Beehive data transfer device


The save-bees beehive data transfer device is a device that every beekeeper needs, especially the ones transferring their hives to distant areas or having their beekeeping station away from their place of residence.

It is placed on the ground and the hive is placed on top of it.

We receive daily SMSs, informing us about the beehive weight, the external humidity, as well as the beehive’s internal and external temperature.

This way we are able to know about the condition of our beehives without having to travel, saving the trouble and the cost of transportation. For instance, if our beehives are situated near pine trees or firs, judging from the hive’s everyday weight we can realize when the hive started or stopped producing.

The internal temperature informs us about the presence of brood in the hive. Bees keep the temperature at the brood area steady, around 34-36 degrees. If the internal temperature drops, then it is certain that the beehive has lost its brood or is facing some kind of problem.
If the beehive weight is abruptly reduced, this may mean population decline due to swarming or even poisoning.

Hive-data-transfer-3bThrough the save-bees beehive data transfer device we can keep statistics on our computer and export useful conclusions, that will help us organize our actions more effectively. The save-bees beehive data transfer device can be used on its own or form a network through the optional addition of up to four cabled data transfer devices that communicate with the central one and use its own central unit. In that case, on the SMS that we receive daily, the weight of the four extra hives will be included. This way we receive more data samples and have a clearer picture about the state of our apiary.