On this page, you will find some of the questions most frequently asked by customers about Save Bees products.

1. What is the Wooden transfer Kit shown in the pictures?
The Wooden transfer Kit is for carrying the Beehive data transfer device (scale). It is found at the first table at the pricelist page.

2. Can I order just one GPS device?
Yes. We are able to send you just one device, if you only need one or if you want to test it first. This way though you lose the bulk order discount, but we can always transfer it to a possible larger order in the future.

3. What is the electronic identity?
It is a really thin slice of glass, with a serial number. The glass is placed somewhere on the hive, by drilling a hole. It is almost invisible, but it identifies the hive. This way we can scan the recovered hive after a theft and we can prove it belongs to the original owner, using the reading device. So even if the thief has painted the box or changed its name, you can always prove it once belonged to you.

4. How many reading devices do I need to buy?
The reading device is kind of a scanner and you only have to buy one, or share one with an association or fellow beekeepers. The important thing is to buy electronic identities for every hive you wish to protect.

5. How can I find out if you have a distributor in my country?
Just send us an e-mail and ask us. Even if we don’t have a distributor in your country, we can always send you our products wherever you live.

6. You developed your product in Greece. Does it work in my country?
All of our products are designed to work in every country. We have already sold them to beekeepers abroad, and they are using them to their full potentials. You will only have a problem with them if something is defective or if you haven’t understood the instructions well. In both cases, we are here to support you.

7. What do I need to make the GPS tracking device work?
You just need a SIM card, from any operator, as long as there is network coverage. So a disposable SIM card would be just fine.

8. Are shipping costs and VAT charge included in the price shown at the pricelist?
No, they are not included. However, we are working with a company that is offering optimal charges for shipping everywhere in the world. And if you are living in an EU country, you don’t have to pay VAT charge.

9. Do I have to buy a GPS tracking device for every beehive I own?
No, you only have to place 1 or 2 every about 10 hives. You just pick the strongest and most accessible beehives of your apiary – the ones a thief would also prefer.

10. I want to work in a beehive mounted with a GPS tracking device. Will it set the alarm on if I wiggle it?
Whenever you want to work with a hive mounted with a GPS tracking device, you place the special magnet at the hive, neutralizing it. The magnet is included at the package.

11. I want to place a large order and I am in a hurry. Can your stock cover me?
We have enough stock in our warehouse, but even if your order exceeds our supplies, we are in the position to complete any order quickly.

12. I am worried that the radiation your devices emit will harm my bees. Should I avoid using them?
Our devices work with on/off mode most of the time. They only turn on to send the scheduled SMSs or at the event of a theft. This way the bees don’t get affected by them. That is the key difference of our product with the rest of the products on the market.

13. I left the apiary and forgot to turn the devices off. Do I have to go all the way back again to turn them off?
No, you don’t have to. You can turn off the devices remotely, from your cell phone.

14. What are the new features of the Lazarus mode GPS tracking device?
The key difference with the previous model is that it is not on sleep mode, but in dead mode. This way it doesn’t affect at all the bees nor wastes any energy (6 months battery capacity) until somebody jiggles it; then, it sends the help signal. For whenever it is switched on by accident (e.g. by some animal) it has the ‘power on’ command, that sets it back to dead mode from a distance (saving the beekeeper time and travel expenses).